Yoga at work

Yoga is a physical and mental discipline. But it’s also fun.

We aim to create peace in the body and mind, and help you to relax and manage stress.

Yoga is non competitive and is solely about you getting the best out of the class. We encourage you to tell us about any injuries or concerns, this helps us to tailor the practice to your individual needs.

Our classes are suitable for everyone with a general level of fitness. Yoga postures and breathing exercises are good for building strength, flexibility, balance and range of motion. Our students leave class feeling alert, energetic and generally happier and fitter.

Yoga can help with with health conditions linked to office work like eyestrain, back pain, carpel tunnel syndrome and fatigue.

Meditation and yoga help you to improve your concentration and sense of inner balance. Our yoga programs help you integrate stress-reduction techniques into your daily routine.


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